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As a premier location for international business, the Isle of Man provides the answer having an enviable reputation within the international financial community founded upon political and economic stability, security and protection.

As one of Europe’s most successful economies the Isle of Man is now in its 26th year of continual growth enjoying on average 6% growth per annum in real terms.

The unique status of the Isle of Man with the international financial community can be evidenced as recently as October 2010, when the international ratings agency Standard & Poor's renewed its 'AAA' international credit rating , reflecting the island's robust economy and strong fiscal position.

A wide range of businesses are attracted to the Isle of Man due to the overall package of benefits, Government incentives to help relocate, including the range and quality of professional services on offer, modern and flexible companies legislation, tax efficiency and confidence in a high standard of regulation and supervision.

So how does the Island create this positive environment ………..

  • Political Stability - As a self governing Crown Dependency the democratic and independent government offers political and economic stability ensuring a secure environment on which business can rely.
  • Independence - Legislative and fiscal independence allows the Island to respond quickly to the needs of business.
  • Continued success – The fiduciary services sector has successfully grown during for more than 50 years. This continuity has developed a mass of experience, infrastructure and accumulated intellectual capital, which ensures the Island remains at the forefront of the international fiduciary industry.
  • Reputation and standards – Trust and corporate services business can be transacted with complete confidence.
  • Pragmatic regulation – The Isle of Man Finance department promotes a robust yet pragmatic regulatory regime and is renowned for being approachable, accessible and open to new ideas.
  • Innovative legislation – Continuing and modern legislation remains advanced through continuous improvement, allowing practitioners access to the most comprehensive range of products when offering client solutions.
  • Conveniently located – The Island’s location between Europe and the UK places it in a time zone between the US and the Far East. This makes it a convenient place to carry out business with many different countries. Travelling to the Island is also quick and easy as there are frequent air and sea links to both Europe and the UK, with a flight time from London taking an hour.
  • Highly developed business support infrastructure – Carrying out business on the Island is quick and easy. The high quality infrastructure, including first class telecommunications network ensures efficiency.
  • A ‘one stop solution’ – The Isle of Man has a broad-based financial services industry (including support services) and all of the Island’s businesses and key institutions are in close proximity to each other so an extensive array and high volume of business can be carried out face-to-face and in a short amount of time.