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Business Services

Using your offshore company you can outsource to our specialist team to assist and support your business through a number of areas.

Management and Administration

We are qualified across a number of disciplines. Smaller businesses in particular can utilise our skills and experience to help in day to day management and administration. This service enables smaller businesses to enjoy greater resource that other competitive businesses of their size. Outsourcing the administration of your business to us is a cost effective way to obtain a broad range of skills releasing you to focus on developing the business in a more focused way.

Professional and Consultancy Services

Your offshore company can provide a very effective vehicle for the provision of professional services in computer, entertainment, engineering and other fields. The company enters into a contract for the provision of services, and the fees accumulate offshore. The consultant is then remunerated in a way to minimise income tax in his or her country of residence. Structures can also be set-up for companies which employ staff on overseas contracts and assignments.

Business Relocation

Whether you are providing business or professional services, engineering, entertainment or other areas, correctly structured and managed we can ensure the smooth running, administration of the business and any transition in services or location. Particularly attractive to businesses is the cost effective method we employ allows you to develop and focus on your business.