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Offshore Companies

Colaw International offers you a full and comprehensive company formation and administration services tailored to meet your needs and objectives. In consultation with you and your advisers, we can advise on the correct structure.

An offshore company is quite simply one which is established in one of the offshore jurisdictions. This in the same way as any company will require to be properly constituted. There will be requirements for a registered office, Directors, Company Secretary and it will be required to keep proper records of its activities in the form of accounting records and statutory books and file the requisite annual returns and other statutory documentation required by the particular jurisdiction in which it is based.

The most common reasons to use an offshore company will see benefits in:

  • Trading activities
  • Asset ownership holding (residential or commercial property / yachts / aeroplanes etc)
  • Investment holdings (portfolios of stocks and shares etc)
  • Consultancy services
  • Ownership of intellectual property rights, image, licensing and royalty¬† rights
  • Financing and Invoicing
  • Employment services

In our initial consultations with you or your client may see other structures being more appropriate and provide benefits in the right circumstances. They include

  • Limited liability partnership
  • Limited partnerships
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Protected and Incorporated Cell Companies

Although Isle of Man is our jurisdiction of choice, we also offer the service of incorporating and managing companies in other approved jurisdictions.

Our administration and management team, together with specialised departments offering support, has experience of and can cater for all types of companies registered in a wide range of international and approved jurisdictions including Isle of Man, Jersey, BVI, UK, Guernsey and Bahamas.

Our administration services available are:

  • Company incorporation; reservation of formed companies maintained for convenience, if required
  • Full administration services
  • The provision of registered office/agent and/or nominee shareholders
  • The provision of directors;
  • Full company secretarial services including the maintenance and provision of full statutory records and execution of statutory obligations
  • Accounting services