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Offshore Trusts

A properly structured and administered trust is an excellent vehicle carrying a wealth of benefits not only allowing protection of assets but also providing tax efficiency. In order to achieve these benefits, it is imperative that the correct trust is established, structured and administered properly.

Colaw International can help you achieve this.

Trusts themselves come in many different formats and allied with the correct strategy allow a flexible option to ensure your wishes are carried out. You will of course have your own reason for wanting an offshore trust and working closely with you and your advisors we can identify which particular trust vehicle will suit your requirements. You may see this structure as a vehicle to aid:

  • Asset protection - There is no better way to protect your affairs and privacy than through the creation of a well constructed offshore trust.
  • Tax planning - A properly structured Trust put in place with appropriate legal and tax advice can legitimately reduce or completely avoid tax in  appropriate circumstances.
  • Estate or inheritance planning - To enable property of all kinds, including land, to be held for persons who cannot themselves hold it, for example infants. To minimise the prospect of family property passing to those who may dissipate it. The Trust can enable such persons to benefit from the Trust property, but only under the control and direction of the Trustee. In some circumstances, to make provisions for purposes, usually, but not necessarily, of a charitable nature.
  • Continuity – This is assured as the Trust property is able to remain within the Trust for the life of the Trust, which may be unlimited and span several generations, irrespective of the death of the Settlor.
  • Confidentiality - We understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of our clients' business affairs at all times.

Whatever your motivation you can be confident, that as your Trustees Colaw International can provide an active role in not only advising you but are supported by a full range of services which include:

  • advice in respect of the formation, transfer and termination of trusts
  • the administration of trusts
  • family office issues
  • the use of private trust companies
  • legal opinions and advice
  • restructuring of existing trust structures
  • employee and executive share incentive schemes

Trust Protector

The role of Protector is becoming a more important and popular one in today’s sophisticated estate planning environment. In circumstances where the settlor /appointer of the trust wishes to engage a protector our direct and professional experience allow us to fulfil this role effectively.