About the Isle of Man.

About the Isle of Man

The unique status of the Isle of Man within the international financial community can be evidenced as recently as October 2010, when the international ratings agency Standard & Poor's renewed its 'AAA' international credit rating , reflecting the island's robust economy and strong fiscal position.

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Welcome to Colaw International Limited.


Our objective is simple and centres on you. Our fiduciary services, whether through a trust or company structure, or a combination of both, will be particular to you and will form a fundamental building block to meet your planning requirements. We do believe that fiduciary services are not a ‘product’ but are a tailored, bespoke solution for you and you alone.

Our approach sees us promote individual and corporate strategies with long term plans to ensure efficient and effective wealth management.  You can be secure in the knowledge that not only is your wealth protected but by building strong relationships with families and their advisers it is secured for future generations.

Being different to other service providers as we always take time to gain an understanding of your needs to ensure you have the right advice, planning and structure in place.

Our bespoke approach recognises that there is no one solution for every situation and using our specialist range of fiduciary and legal expertise we aim to find the right solution. Through our selective network of professional advisers we can tailor specific solutions for you, your family and your business interests. We take advantage of the latest financial structuring vehicles to provide the most efficient solutions.

Confident that your affairs are in the safest hands: securely managed by approachable professionals you have confidence in. We appreciate that for you, the creation and use of a trust and company vehicle is an important step and an essential part of your long-term plan for efficient wealth management.

Secure in the knowledge that not only providing a professional service, we want you to enjoy dealing with us and allow us to help fulfil your ambitions.

Our independent status means that our clients obtain a trusted and experienced approach. For more information on the services we offer please call or take a minute to look to find out more.

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